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Founder of Spiral Journeys, Ann has designed and led journeys to, in and around her native Ireland for thirty years. Having lived both in Ireland and in the US, Ann offers a unique sensibility to the beauty of both cultures.

Like all Irish folk, she is passionate about literature, poetry and folklore. Ann delights her groups with tales of hidden gems, faeries and elves…and then there's the music! Her passion for music flows once she is seated at a piano; her group may well spend many an evening filled with lively song and merriment!

Ann is a devoted naturalist and an avid birder but it is her cultural background and innate sense of humor that offer the Spiral Journeys' traveler treasures beyond imagination.


"Ann is a joy to be with. She leads with inspiration and clarity of vision, a guiding light every step along the way." Hilare Melcher, Paris, France

"Ann Quinlan shares a deep love and understanding of the Irish Celtic landscape and the Mythology within it. Wonderful! You will return refreshed and renewed from this journey!" Ann Eynon, Pembrokeshire, Wales

"I was looking for beauty, culture, and a sense of my roots with other women when I planned my trip to Ireland. I got much more. I got warm, skilled leadership from a woman (Ann is native Irish) who is most knowledgeable of the land, and folklore of Ireland." D. Carpenter, Tucson, Arizona

"A trip to Ireland with Ann could not be more perfect! She is steeped in the country's history and spirit. She finds charm, music, great fun and organic food everywhere she goes." Mary Blum, Cushing, Maine

"Ann is a gifted and fun journey leader who's talents are remarkable. She makes sure everything is taken care of so you can focus fully on every heart-expanding experience. Joyous, not to be missed!" The Fitzgeralds, Hebron, NY

"Our trip to Ireland began the day we met Ann Quinlan. Once you meet with her you begin to understand that you are going on a very personal journey. She gives wonderful advice but the most important thing she does is set you free in Ireland to live in the moment, embrace the country's past and come home with a memory that lives in you forever. " Eddie and Diana, Augusta Maine

Philip Jones
Philip Jones, coachman extraordinaire, will take us on our
journey across this magical land!
Contact Ann At : ann@spiraljourneys.com